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Very true

Ran into this quote in comments on an article and thought it was worth sharing:

"At any given age, you are far more beautiful than you think you are."

ETA: Just wanted to add, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about the standards people hold themselves to - how there's a line between striving to be better and trying to force ourselves to be something we aren't. Not just physically, but in every area of our lives.

I want to look back and count my accomplishments, not my shortcomings. I want to look forward to seeing and doing things I can't imagine right now.
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Fic: After the Fire (SPN, Dean/Castiel), PG-13

Title: After the Fire
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Contains strong dark/angsty themes of the nonsexual variety - caution is advised. Without going into spoilers, this is NOT intended to be dark, though it goes to some places that may be triggery and/or make people uncomfortable.
Spoilers: Potential spoilers for aired episodes.
Summary: Dean never asks for anything, not for himself.
Note: Thanks to inksheddings for the beta! All mistakes remaining are my own.

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Fic: Beside the woeful tide of Acheron (The Divine Comedy, Charon), PG

Title: Beside the woeful tide of Acheron
Characters: Charon, Dante
Rating/Warnings: PG, no warnings
Word Count: 1,020
Summary: Charon's instructions to his passengers never vary and are never heeded.
Notes: Written for merry_stew for Yuletide 2009. The title is from Canto III of The Divine Comedy. Enormous thanks to thistlerose for her help and thoughtful comments!

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BPAL de-stash

I'm posting this on my LJ first, to give anyone who might be new to BPAL (or not) the chance to try things out. Extra imps will be included with all orders.

The goal is to declutter, so I'm looking for a minimum two bottle purchase. (If you buy more, the price will be lowered considerably - I really want this stuff gone.) The only swaps I'm looking for right now are Raven Moon or Terrible Lies – but I will swap very, very generously for them. Shipping is $2 to the US - I'll ship anywhere, but will need help figuring out pricing for that. :)

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Inocherent squee

My yuletide gift fic, Help Wanted has left me more than a little speechless. It's Fringe, Astrid POV, and I very much wish server load issues weren't preventing me from leaving a comment on it right this second.

It's perfect. And I'm not saying that lightly. The voices, the details, the writing - everything. A few bits here and there make me even wonder if the writer knows me personally.

Anyway, if you watch Fringe - go read the story. It's everything wonderful about Yuletide all rolled up in one deliciously well-done POV with some fantastic insights on the side.

And a cup of fresh milk to wash it down, thanks to Gene the Cow. ♥

from uncharted regions of the universe

Yuletide word count: 377/1000. This is promising. (My icon is not relevant fandom-wise, though I wish it was.) It's an odd piece - hopefully, the rest will allow itself to be written smoothly this evening.

My gift for the deancas_xmas exchange has been posted! It's Haven't Got the Words for You by a very lovely anon, who featured Crowley, Gabriel, Chuck/Becky, and Sam in one of the most fun pieces I've read in ages, complete with brilliant Buffy references. So much love! Go, read it - I mean, there's Crowley!